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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you will find answers to many of our frequently asked questions.  If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please e-mail us at info@heidisdance.com.


At HDC we communicate via e-mail, so please be sure we have your current e-mail address on file.  Monthly news and other important information will be posted on our website as well as the bulletin boards in the lobby.  You can also call the studio and the office staff will be happy to answer any questions.

Monthly Tuition:

There is an annual registration fee of $25.00 per family.

The tuition schedule runs from August 1, 2017 thru April 1, 2016.  If you enroll after August 1, 2014 then tuition is payable thru May 1, 2015.  Payments remain the same each month regardless of the student's attendance, school closures, or holidays.  Classes canceled due to inclement weather will be made up at the discretion of Heidi’s Dance Center.

Class fees are as follows:

$52   -  1 class

$95   -  2 classes

$138 -  3 classes

$175 -  4 classes

$210 -  5 classes

** 6 or more classes see Heidi for monthly tuition

Tuition can be paid via auto-pay (direct withdrawal from bank account or credit card) or monthly pay.  You may also elect to pay the yearly tuition up front.

Costume Package:

A costume deposit of $55.00 (per class) will be due by October 15, 2015 and the balance will be due on November 14, 2015.  The costume package includes your purchased costume for the Spring show, your rental costumes for the Holiday and Spring shows, and 2 tickets per family for the Spring show.  Costumes for the Spring show will not be ordered without the deposit, so please plan ahead to insure your child has a costume for the performance.  Costume fees are NOT refundable once they are paid.

Parent Watch Day:

Parent watch day is the first class of each month only (NO EXCEPTIONS).  In December and May the shows will serve as Parent Watch Day.  We ask that parents and guests remain as quiet as possible when in the classroom, to ensure the environment stays conductive to learning.

Inclement Weather:

If the Park Hill School district dismisses early, cancels evening activities or is closed due to inclement weather, the studio will also be closed.  For the safety of our studio families we may occasionally cancel classes or dismiss early if weather becomes bad during the evening.  Cancellations will be posted on the website by 4:00 pm.  You can e-mail info@heidisdance.com if you are unsure.  We do not refund or credit tuition for classes that are missed for inclement weather.  Classes canceled due to inclement weather will be made up at the discretion of Heidi's Dance Center.

Drop Off and Pick Up:

Parents may use the circle drive for drop off and pick up.  Please do NOT park in the drop off lane.  Please do NOT park, wait in or use private back alley.  Parents may park in upper lot and enter through Tower door entrance.   Please do NOT use upper level of the building.  If students are waiting to be picked up, we ask that they wait in the tower door entrance for their safety.  Please do not drop your student off more than 10 minutes prior to the start of their class and please pick them up promptly.  Heidi’s Dance Center is not responsible for before and after class supervision.  If an emergency arises that you need to drop off early or pick up late, please be sure you inform our office staff.

Studio Breaks:

The studio will be closed on the following days:

  • Labor Day (September 2).
  • Thanksgiving break (November 26 - 28).
  • Christmas break (December 17 - January 4).
  • Spring break (March 16 - 20).

Classes will not be canceled for in-service days, teachers meetings, parent conferences or Monday Holidays (with the exception of Labor Day).


We have a Holiday Show and a Spring Show each year where our students perform for family and friends.

  • Holiday Show: There will be a Holiday Show December 15th and 16th at the studio.  There is no additional cost associated with the Holiday Show and seating is unlimited.  Costume rentals are included in your costume package.  The Holiday Show is typically held at the studio and seating is unlimited.
  • Spring Show: There will be a Spring Show in May on Thursday, May 21st.  Each family will receive 1 ticket to rehearsal and 2 tickets to the show.  You may purchase additional tickets for the show approximately 1 month in advance.  Dress rehearsal will be the day prior to the show and is closed to the public.  Only one parent will allowed at rehearsal to help with costume changes.  Dressing room attendants are hired to help your child with costume changes during the actual show so that you can enjoy watching your child/children perform.  Additional cost associated with the Spring Show (optional): A professional DVD will be available for purchase as well as Dance Center T-shirts.  The Hero Dancers sell flowers via pre-order and the flowers are picked up the day of the show.  There may also be a concession stand at the rehearsal and show.


During picture week a professional photographer will come into the studio and take pictures of your child and their class in costume.  The pictures occur during your child's regular class.  During this week, children should arrive at the studio ready to have their pictures taken.  Costumes will be ready at the studio for your child to wear for pictures.  Individual and group photos will be taken, so please have your student in class for the group picture even if you are not planning on purchasing pictures.  Costumes will NOT be sent home until the week before the show.  The dates for picture week will be announced by January 1stAbsolutely no parents will be allowed in the studio during pictures.  Picture packages will be available for purchase.

Heidi's Heroes:

  • Dancers: The Heroes Dancers are a team of HDC students who compete dance routines at various competitions throughout the year.  They compete in 3 to 4 regional competitions and 1 national competition each year.
  • Twirlers:  The Heroes Twirlers are a team of HDC students who compete twirling routines at various competitions throughout the year.  They compete in 3 to 4 regional competitions and 1 national competition each year.

If your child is interested in becoming a Hero, you can set up a time to talk with Heidi about your options.